Pre-Contstruction Services

The Role Of The Pre-construction Stage

  • Most of us are likely to be harboring the misconception that the actual construction of a project is of the most importance. This is never the case. Remember that if the project is not planned properly in advance and has flaws in its design the actual construction is also going to be flawed and is never going to turn out as the client expects it to. If the client wants the project to proceed smoothly and make its mark in the end, a great deal of time has to be invested in pre-planning and designing which cannot really happens unless all the parties involved work together according to the input of the client. The tasks that end up becoming very important for the construction company to handle with regard to pre-construction are numerous and are as follows:-
  • Looking at various building sites and how appropriate they may or may not be for the project at hand and its specifications according to the owner. Where the building is situated is imperative to its future relevance and success regardless of what purpose it is being built for.
  • Using the design team to its full capabilities when the project is actually being planned and thought over.
  • Looking over the drawings and blueprints to check efficient and practical use of space and design and whether it is what the client wants or not.
  • Trying to come up with cost cutting solutions so that the client can benefit without compromising his values or the quality of the end structure. This includes coming up suggestions about cheaper materials or replacement materials that can do the job just as well as the more expensive ones.
  • Proper planning of budgets so the client is not overcharged and is also not met with shock at any point in time. Making sure that the client is fully aware of the potential future costs of the project is essential.
  • Being able to make projections for cash flow is essential for the client who is providing the finance for the entire project. Getting the necessary documents ready is an integral part of the preconstruction process and it can speed things along.
  • Always having the materials that are needed to begin before hand so there are no uncalled for delays that are easily avoidable.
  • Doing a favor for the client and getting the bid documents underway beforehand.
  • Getting the third phase pier review ready with regard to the architectural drawings that exist of the structure.

The way the pre-construction stage is handled can make or break a project so it is very important to employ the right company for the task such as Phoenix Associates so that you have a better chance of making sure that the end structure is exactly the way that you want it. This company can get all the subcontractors on the scene that are needed so that no aspect is unaccounted for in the planning process. Their professionalism knows no bounds and they have a lot of experience in the business which allows them to understand the needs of every kind of structure be it minimalistic or elaborate.