Construction Phases

The Many Stages Of The Construction Process

Pre-Construction (Subcontractor Bid and Award Phase)

  • Most experts of the field would tell that this stage is practically the most important one of all because it determines the future of the project and if enough time is not spent on adequate planning, the whole project can end up being unsuccessful. The pre-construction deals with all design aspects of construction and budget planning etc. It helps decide how best to give the client what he is after in the most cost-effective manner. The architectural plans are a part of this and the client is also given an estimate of most of the future costs that are to be expected. The phases that take place at this stage are as follows:-
  1. Putting together the various comments that exist about the design, consolidating what the design is supposed to mean.
  2. Identifying long lead objects.
  3. Reviewing constructability.
  4. Planning the implementation of the project at hand.
  5. Approvals from various agencies.
  6. Analysis of fast tracking.
  7. Identifying important items or ones that require particular concern.
  8. Construction schedules (these may be adapted later to suit progress).
  9. Trades for construction and getting information about bids.
  10. Processes for bids.
  11. Reviewing the before time purchase of bid packages.
  12. Reviewing relevant specifications.
  13. Trade-off statements and value analysis.
  14. Development of alternatives for bidding.
  15. The overall cost of the project (comments about cost analysis etc happen here).
  16. Reviewing work practices locally and the laws regarding it.
  17. Analysis of bidders.
  18. Evaluations of bids.
  19. Contracts regarding different aspects of construction.
  20. Evaluating aspects on their own or independently without reference to other extraneous details.

The Construction Phase

This phase is typically the stipulated period of time that signifies that a structure has to be completed within that time through a person or company that has taken up the work and responsibility of such a project. The contract that exists in this case can have any number of conditions incorporated in it and the owner usually has full discretion to see that these conditions are met according to his specifications. The contract will also have a suitable date mentioned at which construction is to get underway. The phases that form a part of this stage are mentioned below:-

  1. Reports on how the project is progressing.
  2. Processes of submitting
  3. Reviewing the clauses in the contract.
  4. Looking over the logistics with reference to the building site.
  5. The schedule that all parties involved will be working with.
  6. Meetings onsite.
  7. Reporting on all costs incurred.
  8. Double checking payment transfers etc.
  9. Cross referencing change orders.
  10. As built paperwork.
  11. Discussing terms of change orders.
  12. Inspection from a technical point of view and relevant testing.

The Post-Construction Phase

This stage occurs when most of the construction is already finished and the building is a short while away from becoming operational. However a number of loose ends may still exist in the form of finishing touches and remaining documents.

  1. A document proving occupancy.
  2. Installation of fixings and other material of use.
  3. Coordinating when to move-in.
  4. Evaluating claims.
  5. Revealing the period in which warranty claims will be applicable.