General Contracting

As a full service General Contracting firm, Phoenix Associates Construction Corporation can provide to you everything from demolition of your existing facility to the total construction of your new or renovated property, building, or space.

Although we perform the functions of a General Contractor, we consider ourselves to be so much more. We stand behind our clients’ consultants with additional review and feedback during the bidding process. Our ability to work union and non-union with equally successful results gives our firm the flexibility to meet all of client’s various requirements.

Our dedication to you, our client and to providing additional value and service throughout all of our undertakings is top priority for our firm.

Negotiated Contract

  • Prior to the completion of the project drawings a negotiated contract is discussed. Negotiated contracts are used with those projects where the client has determined which firm they wish to enter into a contract with. The drawings are completed with the contracting input and then prices are formulated and mutually agreed upon. The project proceeds with the preferred contractor at a negotiated bottom line.

Competitive Bidding

  • This is the most commonly used contracting method in the construction business. The one contractor is pitted against two or three others and a competitive scenario is created, may the low bidder win. The upside of this method is that the client may get a very competitive price for there project. The down side is that you may not get the best contractor for the job. Worse yet, as the price decreased the quality of the products may have decreased too.